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REA Health is a cultural, non-commercial entity non-profit

Health REA does not carry out in the medical-clinical, and recommends that you consult your doctor with any health problem

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“"We can not expect things to change, if we keep doing the same things. The crisis is the greatest blessing to the people and nations, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity comes from anxiety as the day comes from the dark night. And it is in the crisis that arises inventiveness, discoveries, and big strategies. Who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without being 'passed'. Who gives to the crisis its failures and difficulties, violents his own talent and gives more value to the problems than to solutions. The real crisis is the crisis of incompetence. The inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness in finding solutions and ways out. Without crisis there are no challenges, without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony. There is no merit without crisis. And it is in the crisis which emerges the best of everyone, because without crisis all the winds are only slight breezes. Talk of crisis means increasing it, and be silent in this crisis is to exalt conformism. Instead, we work hard. Let us stop, once for all with the only dangerous crisis, which is the tragedy of not wanting to fight to overcome it.”

Albert Einstein

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